What’s Hot, What’s Not

This page will list antique items that are in high demand today. It will also go over antiques that are less desirable than they were a few years ago. Please, do not be alarmed if the items you have are on the “Not” list. It only means that they are not as valuable as they were in the past. They still are salable to many antique dealers and collectors. 

Antique Oil Painting

Quezal Pulled Feather Vase

Scrap Gold

Famille Rose Chinese Vase

Antique Oil PaintingQuezal Pulled Feather VaseScrap GoldFamille Rose Chinese Vase

Hummel Figure

Wedgwood Urn

Royal Doulton Toby Mug


Hummel FigureWedgwood UrnRoyal Doulton Toby MugCARNIVAL GLASS BUTTER DISH

HOT:)                            NOT:(

OIL PAINTINGS                                                              COLLECTOR PLATES

BRONZES                                                                       BEER STEINS

GOLD                                                                              DEPRESSION GLASS

SILVER                                                                            WEDGWOOD

CHINESE ANTIQUES                                                     CARNIVAL GLASS

ART GLASS                                                                     DOULTONS

GERMAN PORCELAIN                                                   HUMMELS

COSTUME JEWELRY                                                      SILVER PLATE