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The information provided will help you understand today’s antique market. Items that sell well in 2015 are very different than the ones that were desirable just a short time ago. For over 40 years my family has been dealing with antiquities and fine art in the New York City area. During this time we have assisted thousands of people with evaluating and selling their collections. Our website and blog will go over the most important things to know about your antiques and fine art. We will also let you know about the New York city auction highlights.

Online Antique Appraisal

Online Antique Appraisals – What you need to know Online antique appraisals are becoming very popular. These days it seems as if everything can done online. The internet is becoming a tool used to save you the time and effort of having to leave your home in order to accomplish tasks. WebMd can save you

Do It Yourself – Online Antique Evaluation – Common Mistakes

On-line antique evaluation problems – Most common mistakes when trying to evaluate antique items on your own. An on-line antique evaluation can be difficult. These days you can find just about anything on the Internet. However, you need to be careful not to make mistakes when doing your antique research. Majority of the time, some,

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Market – NYC

Mid-Century Modern Furniture is one of the few markets that have exploded in recent times. A sofa, constructed of a steel and aluminum base and upholstered with 18 bright yellow cushions. A large table, made of a solid slab of wood, polished till it shines on the top, but with rough, unfinished edges. A molded

NYC Asia Week March 13th-21st 2015

Asia week is right around the corner. Starting in mid march New York City will be home to some of the most beautiful Asian antiques in the world. Artwork from China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Korea will be displayed. Manhattan auctions, museums and galleries will be showcasing their best items. New York will be welcoming thousands