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In the art world there are thousands of listed artists. Our site will not be going over every single artist. We want to keep you up to date. We will be listing some of the many artists that had oil paintings in the major New York auction houses this year. If you have a painting by one of these artists and need assistance, we can help. We can contact an auction specialists at one of the major auction houses. We will put you in contact with the specialist best suited for that particular artist. Private buyers and gallery owners can also be contacted if needed. In addition, we can get you general estimates on your work of art. Don’t be discouraged if the artist who painted your item wasn’t on our list. We did not cover all artists and many artists don’t have paintings in auction every year. For further information, please visit our contact page or email us at

Artists will be divided into 2 page categories, European Art /American Art and Modern/ Contemporary Art. Some artists may fall into both categories because of the subject matter of the work. Most of the paintings that sold at auction were oil paintings. However, watercolor and charcoal paintings by these artists are also salable.

Paintings by these listed artists usually have to be evaluated by an expert in order to be sure they are authentic. Many of these artists have a specific person (or group of people) that are in charge of authenticating their artwork. Often times these experts may list the painting in the catalogue raisonné of the artist. When the painting is included in the catalogue raisonné it helps prove that the artwork is in fact painted by the artist in question. It will also go a long way in assisting with the selling process.

Artists will be listed in alphabetical order by last name.

European Art Category


Alma Tadema, Lady Laura (British) 1852-1909


Bail, Joseph (French) 1862-1921

Beraud, Jean (French) 1849-1936

Blaas, Eugen Von (Austrian) 1843-1932

Boldini, Giovanni (Italian) 1842-1931

Bonvin, Francois (French) 1817-1887

Bosboom, Johannes (Dutch) 1817-1891

Bouguereau, Elizabeth Jane Gardner (American) (1851-1922)

Breton, Jules (French) 1827-1906

Bridgman, Frederick Arthur (American) 1847-1928

Buttersworth, Thomas (British) 1768-1842


Cabanel, Alexandre (French) 1823-1889

Camarasa, Hermenegildo  Anglada (Spanish) 1872-1959

Ciardi, Guglielmo (Italian) 1842-1917

Claus, Emile (Belgian) 1849-1924

Constant, Benjamin (French) 1845-1902

Corot, Jean Baptist Camille Corot (French) 1796-1875

Cortes, Edouard (French) 1882-1969

Courbet, Gustave (French) 1819-1877

Csok, Istvan (Hungarian) 1865-1961

Cucuel, Edward (American) 1875-1954


Dagnan Bouveret, Pascal Adolphe Jean (French) 1852-1929

Daubigny, Charles Francois (French) 1817-1878

Dawson, Montague (British) 1895-1973

Del Campo, Federico (Peruvian) 1850-1942

Diaz de la Pena, Narcisse Virgile (French) 1808-1876

Dietrich, Adelheid (German) 1827-1891

Dupre, Julien (French) 1851-1910

Dvorak, Franz (Czech) 1862-1927


Enjolras, Delphin (French) 1857-1957

Ernst, Rudolph (Austrian) 1854-1932


Galien-Laloue, Eugene (French) 1854-1941

Gericault, Theodore (French) 1791-1824

Gerome, Jean Leon (French) 1824-1904

Godward, John William (British) 1861-1922

Goubie, Jean Richard (French) 1842-1899

Goupil, Jules Adolphe (French) 1839-1883


Harlamoff, Alexei (Russian) 1842-1915

Herpfer, Carl (German) 1836-1897


Israels, Jozef (Dutch) 1824-1911


Jacobs, Paul Emil (German) 1802-1866

Jongkind, Johan Barthold (Belgian) 1819-1891


Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik (Dutch) 1839-1902

Kaufmann, Isidor (Austrian) 1853-1921

Knight, Daniel Ridgway (American) 1839-1924

Knight, Louis Aston (American) 1873-1948

Koekkoek, Willem (Dutch) 1839-1895


Leighton, Edmund Blair (British) 1852-1922

Leighton, Lord Frederick (British) 1830-1896

Leutze, Emanuel Gottlieb (American) 1816-1868

Lhermitte, Leon Augustin (French) 1844-1925

Loir, Luigi (French) 1845-1916

Long, Edwin (British) 1829-1891


Monsted, Peder (Danish) 1859-1941

Mossa, Gustav Adolf (French) 1883-1971

Muller, Anton Eduard (Austrian) 1853-1897

Munnings, Alfred James (British) 1878-1959


Navez, Francois Joseph (Belgian) 1787-1869


Outin, Pierre (French) 1840-1899


Pasini, Alberto (Italian) 1826-1899

Perrier, Emilio Sanchez (Spanish) 1855-1907

Preyer, Johann Wilhelm (German) 1803-1889


Raffaelli, Jean Francois (French) 1850-1924

Ralli, Theodore Jacques (Greek) 1852-1909

Reggianini, Vittorio (Italian) 1858-1939

Ricci, Arturo (Italian) 1854-1919

Robinson, Frederick Cayley (British) 1862-1927

Rousseau, Theodore (French) 1812-1867


Schendel, Petrus Van (Dutch) 1806-1870

Schreyer, Adolf (German) 1828-1899

Sorolla, Joaquin (Spanish) 1863-1923

Soulacroix, Frederic (French) 1858-1933

Stevens, Alfred Emile Leopold (Belgian) 1823-1906

Stuck, Franz Von (German) 1863-1928


Tissot, James (French) 1836-1902

Tornai, Gyula (Hungarian) 1861-1928

Troyon, Constant (French) 1810-1865


Unterberger, Franz Richard (Austrian) 1837-1902


Verboeckhoven, Eugene (Belgian) 1799-1881

Vernon, Emile (French) 1872-1919

Vibert, Johan Georges (French) 1840-1902


Watson, George Spenser (British) 1869-1934

Weeks, Edwin Lord (American) 1849-1903

Weisse, Rudolf Johann (Swiss) 1846-1933


Zandomeneghi, Federico (Italian) 1841-1917

Ziem, Felix (French) 1820-1911

Zonaro, Fausto (Italian) 1854-1929

American Art Category


Avery, Milton  1885-1965


Barnet, Will  1911-2012

Baum, Walter Emerson  1884-1956

Benton, Thomas Hart  1889-1975

Bierstadt, Albert  1830-1902

Bluemner, Oscar  1867-1938

Bradford, William  1823-1892

Brown, John George  1831-1913

Burchfield, Charles Ephraim  1893-1967

Buttersworth, James Edward  1817-1894


Cassatt, Mary  1844-1926

Chase, William Merritt  1849-1916

Cone, Marvin  1891-1965

Church, Frederic Edwin  1826-1900

Cole, Thomas  1801-1848

Cropsey, Jasper Francis  1823-1900


Davis, Stuart  1892-1964

Demuth, Charles  1883-1935

Dickinson, Preston  1891-1930

Dove, Arthur Garfield  1880-1946


Graves, Abbott Fuller Graves  1859-1936


Hartley, Marsden  1877-1943

Hassam, Childe  1859-1935

Hopper, Edward  1882-1967


Johnson, Eastman  1824-1906


Leigh, William Robinson  1866-1965

Leyendecker, Joseph  1874-1951

Lundeberg, Helen  1908-1999


Marin, John  1870-1953

Morris, George Lovett Kingsland  1905-1975

Moses, Grandma (Anna Robertson)  1860-1961


Neiman, Leroy  1921-2012

Nichols, Dale William  1904-1995


O’keeffe, Georgia  1887-1986


Palmer, Walter Launt  1854-1932

Parrish, Maxfield  1870-1966


Rockwell, Norman  1894-1978

Russell, Charles Marion  1864-1926


Schmid, Richard Alan  1934-

Shore, Henrietta M  1880-1963

Stella, Joseph  1877-1946


Thompson, Bob  1936-1966

Twachtman, John Henry  1853-1902


Vedder, Elihu  1836-1923


Weber, Max  1881-1961

Wiggins, Guy Carleton  1883-1962

Wyeth, Andrew Newell  1917-2009

Wyeth, Jamie  1946-

Wyeth, NC  1882 1945