The Miami Beach Antique Show 2014 Is Here!!!!


Yes, it is that time of year once again. The time that many antique dealers and jewelers wait all year for. From January 30th to February 3rd, “The Original Miami Beach Antique Show” will be taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Over 1000 dealers from all around the world will be in attendance. The annual South Florida event is known to be the largest indoor antique show in the world.

This antique show is the perfect place for anyone that is interested in antiques or jewelry. Wether you are an antique dealer, jeweler, collector or tourist, you will enjoy the show. It is a fantastic opportunity to see some of the most interesting selection of merchandise from a variety of categories. Some of the many categories included are art deco, art nouveau, jade, bronzes, paintings, art glass, coins, weaponry, estate jewelry, costume jewelry, memorabilia, Faberge, furniture and much more. Antique shows like this are great because you have many of the best galleries and store owners in one place. You don’t have to drive or fly to multiple locations in order to shop for the perfect item. At antique shows you simply walk a few feet to the next booth.

At the “Original Miami Beach Antique Show” the exhibitors bring the most impressive pieces they have. They know that potential customers from all around the globe will be in attendance. If you can get to the South Florida area for this amazing show, you will not be disappointed. If you need a few recommendations of dealers that will be at the show, let us know. We have dealt with many of them in the past and we have a good idea of the type of merchandise they have. If you can’t make it to the event, but need to find a rare item, let us know. We will be attending the show and can get the contact information of the dealers with your potential items. You can also go to the website The website is extremely helpful. It will go over exhibitors, events, hotels, previews, ticket options and anything else you need. Hope to see you at the show!!!!!!!

Experience at the show…………..

The show opened on Thursday at 12 noon. Attendees were waiting outside the entrance for over an hour before the start of the show. When the doors finally opened hundreds of people were on line getting ready to rush into the show. Once inside everyone scattered. They all wanted be the first ones to see the beautiful merchandise. After about 30 minutes the lines were gone. For the rest of the day, no one had to wait.

Booths were filled with some amazing antique works of art. Some of the popular items were art glass, bronzes, silver, jade, ivory and of course estate jewelry. The antique dealers came from all around the world. However, a good portion of them seemed to be from the New York, Florida and California area.

The dealers we spoke with said that the 1st day was when the bulk of the sales were made. They said that overall the show was a very good one, but not the best they have attended. The attendees we spoke with were very happy with the variety of goods. They also said they liked seeing many of the dealers from the prior year. Seeing familiar faces was refreshing to them. The dealers and attendees we spoke with all agreed that they enjoyed the event. They also said they were looking forward to coming back to the Miami Beach Antique Show next year.