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The information provided in our antique valuations website will help you understand today’s antique market. Items that sell well in 2015 are very different than the ones that were desirable just a short time ago. Our blog and website will go over the most important things to know about evaluating your antiques and fine art. Included will be information about common errors when doing your own antique valuations online. We will also let you know about the New York city auction highlights.

Hot Markets

Of course markets change all the time. One day your antique items could be valuable and a short time later they could be worth half as much. Gold is one good sample of how this works. The gold price a few years ago was close to $2000 an ounce. Today the price is about half of that. Another example is the Chinese antique market. Although the Chinese antiques are still in high demand, the market has gone down a bit since the Chinese economy has slowed.

Economy isn’t the only thing that can play a role in the antique market. Tastes change all the time. People today collect very different things than they did a few years ago. Kids these days have no appreciation of antique collectibles like Hummels and Lladros. As a result, prices have dropped to next to nothing. Also, the furniture that designers used to push on clients was gilt bronze candelabras and oak wood antique furniture. Now the furniture in demand is all mid-century modern. Venini Murano glass chandeliers and lucite tables is what is selling.

Another big change that can cause antique market fluctuation is laws. Ivory is a perfect example. Ivory could have been appraised for thousands of dollars a few years ago. However, the laws forbid the sale of almost all ivory (especially in NYC). Your ivory collection might not be salable for any price in the market today. Other antique items that have complex laws prohibiting sale include animal claws, animal shells, furs and feathers.

You never know how long a market will stay strong. Changes can happen over night. Make sure you follow the antique trends and do your research when. You need to strike while the iron is hot.

NYC Auction Highlights

In New York City auctions happen very regularly. Recently many auction records have been broken in the antique and fine art world. We will go over a few highlights of some of the auctions. Auction categories include just about everything. Popular Manhattan auction categories include Asian Art, Modern Art, Dog Auctions, Movie Auctions, Old Masters and much more. Visit our blog regularly and let us know if you have any questions.