Antique List By Name

Click the antique item name or term below to go to the description. The list is in alphabetical order. The description will include pictures and more information about selling these items in todays market. These terms are some of the most popular terms used in the antique market today. If you would like to browse by picture instead of the name, please go to the Antique Gallery page.

Art Deco
Art Nouveau
Cuff Music Box
Daum Art Glass
Guilloche Enamel
Lalique Glass
Lladro Porcelain
Marx Toy Company
Meissen Porcelain
Peking Glass
Piano Baby
Quezal Art Glass
Royal Copenhagen
Royal Vienna
Singing Bird Music Box
Snuff Bottle
Tiffany Art Glass
Tobacco Jars
Vienna Bronze
Yad- Torah Pointer

Listed above is a short list of antique items and terms. We will continue adding more antique, collectible and jewelry items. Our site will hopefully inform you about some of your antique and fine art items.